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The new National Park Service is here to help you... If you think the reintroduction of wolves has been dangerous and contentious, lets see how we all fare when the reintroduction of grizzly bears is accomplished. Imaging a perfect world where people, wolves, and grizzlies all share the same place on the planet! Or not! There will be several public scoping open house meetings...this is a new way to say public comment period, regarding the "restoration" of grizzly bears to the north Cascades.

February 16, 2015

Call to Respect Property Rights!

This week your property rights advocate and lobbyist in Olympia was basically accused by a partisan Senator of claiming the property rights of Washington's Citizens was more important than some others' property rights! The accusation was laughable at best for anyone familiar with the long standing fight for property rights Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights has conducted over the years! CAPR as an organization has always fought for everyone's property rights, and the notion of one right or one persons right being more important than another is a foreign concept that is frankly unimaginable! With that insight into Olympia think, I present to you the bills of concern for this week, and urge all citizens to call and email those in Olympia and demonstrate the importance of all property rights by asking for these bills to receive their due diligence!

Urgent Action! Your Calls Will Restore Property Rights!

Urgent Action! Your Calls Will Restore Property Rights! Friends in Property Rights,Let's continue the work to uphold and respect your property rights! Your Calls and Emails are working and there are several important pro-property rights bills receiving hearings this week! At hearings for these bills, the opposition turned out in full force! The WDFW,DOE, Sierra Club, Futurewise, the Tribes, and associations of cities and counties all testified against these pro property rights bills! As your property rights lobbyist and advocate, I testified on your behalf in favor of these bills! But my voice and testimony alone will not counter all the self interest groups testifying against us! To restore your liberty in your property we all need to be heard! Please call and email your representatives and senators and ask for their support in getting these bills passed!

Save Our Agricultural Land!!! Legislative Alert!!!

Action Alert!! Save our Ag lands!! Call in and Support These Bills!!! Legislative Hotline: 1.800.562.6000 According to the Washington State Department of Agriculture, our agriculture and food industry is worth $49 billion to the state economy. Support our agricultural value and your safe and locally produced food by calling the Legislative Hotline: 1.800.562.6000 and telling your legislators you support HB 1215, HB 1629 HB 1630 and their companion bills in the Senate! There will be hearings on this bill in Olympia on Tuesday January 27, 2015: House Hearing Rm D John L. O'Brien Building Olympia, WA If you can't come for the hearing, please call your Representative and the Legislative Hotline 1.800.562.6000 Here is how these bills will protect our ag land and great local food! HB 1215 Restricting the conversion of agricultural land to other uses under the growth management act.

Water Rights Statewide Legislative Alert!!!

WATER RIGHTS BILLS!!! Please call your representatives or the Legislative Hotline 1.800.562.6000 and give them the bill #s and tell them you are in support of these bills and want them PASSED! Fellow Property Rights Advocates! For far too long the In Stream Flow Rules have been taking our water rights and it is with relief we see these long awaited bills that will provide solutions to the imbalance and harm these rules have caused! Hearings will be held in Olympia on Thursday, January 29th at 8:00am in Olympia. Senate Full Committee Senate Hearing Rm 3 J.A. Cherberg Building Olympia, WA Here are links to the Bills: 1.SB 5129 - Concerning overriding considerations of the public interest in management of the waters of the state.

Eminent Domain Legislative Alert!!!

Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights Statewide Legislative Alert!!! Three Bills on Eminent Domain: Each of these bills intend to better define eminent domain and prevent takings for other than true public use, each bill is specific to certain problems associated with eminent domain! Please call your legislators or the legislative hotline to support the hearing and passage all of these bills! Legislative hotline: 1.800.562.6000 SB 5188, Read original text: CAPR summary: Because cities have in the past used eminent domain to transfer property from one private owner to another to increase jurisdictional tax revenues.

Urgent Call To Action! Call Olympia and Get These Bills Heard!

Urgent Action! Call These Committees and ask for Hearings! CAPR members and fellow Citizens, CAPR has been lobbying and advocating for Property Rights in Olympia since the 1st day of the session! The hard work of getting bills drafted, sponsored, and assigned Bill Numbers is paying off and we now have filed 22 bills! Friends in Property Rights, 2015 holds much promise for Property Rights in Olympia! There are many bills that will uphold and respect your property rights on the table, and all they need to pass is the citizen input that CAPR members and friends are so good at providing! With your encouragement these bills could pass and liberty in your property can begin to be restored!

Promising Bills Respecting Property Rights in Olympia!

Friends in Property Rights, 2015 holds much promise for Property Rights in Olympia! There are many bills that will uphold and respect your property rights on the table, and all they need to pass is the citizen input that CAPR members and friends are so good at providing! Please check the CAPR bill rating page for an up to date list of bills that warrant your comments to your Senators and Representatives, with your encouragement these bills could pass and liberty in your property can begin to be restored! We are all fortunate to have legislators in place who understand and support property rights, and a polite call from CAPR members in support of bills will be encouraging to them, spurring them on to more action in protecting our rights!

CAPR Banquet 2015!

Many members and friends have been looking forward to the CAPR Banquet, here is a friendly reminder of our Banquet date. The CAPR Banquet is March 14, featuring nationally respected keynote speaker William Perry Pendley of Mountain States Legal Foundation! CAPR will provide informative daytime workshops. Water and its many complicated uses, allocations, and challenges will be a main topic! Time for socializing and networking will be an important and fun part of this yearly event! CAPR looks forward to this gathering of Chapters, members, and friends! See you on March 14! Thank you! Shopping at Amazon? With Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate to CAPR! This does not cost you extra, amazon will donate to CAPR!

Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project (PSNERP)

This lengthy named proposed project with a title burdened with pseudo language is equally burdened with psuedo needs, science, and law. It boils down to this; do Washingtonians want to lose vast areas of Farmland and the Property Rights of all to a 1.1 Billion dollar Growth Management Scheme running wild in the guise of restoring shore-lands? To a great many citizens in Washington, the answer is a resounding NO! Their formal comments have been sent to the powers that be. The comment posted here today is especially enjoyable for its hearty, no punches pulled getting to the heart of the matter approach! Enjoy! Written Comment on Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project (PSNERP) Roger H. Mitchell, Washington I strongly oppose the Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project (PSNERP) and, in my opinion, it should be irrevocably terminated immediately.


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