CAPR Strives to Provide Oversight on State Board of Health

June 29, 2019 by Cindy Alia, photo credit Mai Moeslund

State Board of Health Significant Rule-making has been embarked upon on several topics.  CAPR is working to provide oversight of the rule-making process regarding rules changes that will impact property owners' rights.  Two areas of concern are the ongoing indepth rule changes for septic system (OSS) permitting and management.  Another topic that can impact property owners negatively is "Animal Waste Management".  CAPR has gained a seat at the stakeholder meetings on both of these topics with the intention of protecting property rights as rules review takes place.  

The OSS rule-making process has been happening for several months and has been reviewing many pages of already burdensome rules.  

Septic System Regulations

Preliminary Review -- DoE “Rule Supporting Doc” Re Draft “Nooksack Rule” Amendment, per RCW 90.94.020 et seq May 1 2019

Preliminary Review -- DoE “Rule Supporting Doc” Re Draft “Nooksack Rule” Amendment, per RCW 90.94.020 et seq May 1 2019 1

0.0. Summary

0.1. Purpose: this document is intended to provide an initial review of the background “Rule Supporting Document” issued by Ecology in support of its draft rule to limit new permit-exempt wells to 500 gallons per day indoor use, and 1/12-acre irrigation of lawn or noncommercial garden. It is not a finished product and is best used as a resource for further work, rather than being quoted directly.

Washington Department of Ecology Disregards Legislative Intent in Nooksack Water Rule

The "Hirst Fix" law as passed the legislature and as effective on January 18, 2018 entitled "Water Availability" provides legislative intent to the Department of Ecology and counties within Water Resource Inventory Area in establishing water availability through in stream flow rules.

CAPR Spokane Annual Banquet, Saturday, May 25

CAPR Spokane wishes to thank all who attended the annual CAPR Spokne Banquet!

A great time was had by all with members, supporters, and legislators attending to review and celebate successful CAPR campaigns, and the progress made by citizen activists over the past year.

Legislators provided insight and review of the session.

Mountain States Legal Foundation provided insight and discussion of  our present legal environment.

Please remember to support CAPR in our ongoing work to protect your property rights!

The Spokane Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights Invites You to Attend—Saturday May 25th


Open Letter to Representative Wilcox in Consideration of Representative Shea

April 24, 2019

Dear Minority Leader JT Wilcox,

The board of Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights  wishes to convey to you our ardent and unequivocal support of Representative Matt Shea.

The Olympian reports “ Washington Democrats have called for the expulsion of GOP state Rep. Matt Shea from his caucus and other sanctions after a report that he allegedly participated in a group chat that discussed spying on and attacking political enemies.”

The Make Washington Broke Again Legislative Blunder

By Cindy Alia, April 29, 2019

The legislature completed this year’s session at midnight Monday morning, and did it with a gusto for filching the pockets of every productive citizen in Washington State.  Even in these good times for business and so for what is referred to as revenue, taxation was the main focus for the Democrat Majority this year. 

Are We Damned to Lose Our Dams?

Cindy Alia, April 13, 2019

One significant and impressive way to turn back the tide on the flood of the green deal is citizen activism.  Well educated and informed citizens banding together reversed the Avista/Hydro One deal with information, science, and a passion to protect our clean hydropower, national security and independence. 

That same dedication is urgently needed by citizen activists now.  The craze of the most devoted and simplistically delusional green worriers is to continuously beat the drum of climate change to claim it requires our state’s dams must come down. 

Support Climate Reality, Resist Hysteria! Learn More Here!

This blog post contains a series of links to articles written on the topic of Climate Change.  We hope this will be of interest to those seeking facts on the topic.

The CAPR Conference Banquet Key Note Speaker was Marc Morano, former Communications Director for the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee and senior aide, speechwriter, and climate researcher for Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), is the executive editor and chief correspondent for, a pioneering climate and eco-news center.  His informative and entertaining presentation had the attention of all as he explained the history and effects of global climate change campaigns throughout the years.  We are grateful for the support of CAPR that enabled us to feature Mr. Morano, and his presentation which was enjoyed by all!


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