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Proclamation Watch By Cindy Alia, April 15, 2020


June 11th, 2020. This will be the last update to this article.  The point originally to write, research, and post this blog was to help inform and track what the governor was doing under the guise of an "emergency" proclamation, evaluate if his actions were within or above and outside of the law. 

10 Years of Economic Threat is Abated

We all can recall the startling injustice the Sackett family endured, fighting to build on a development lot and being denied due to the presence of "wetlands".

From the Pacific Legal Foundation: Washington, D.C.; March 30, 2020: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has formally withdrawn an administrative compliance order it issued in 2007 against Michael and Chantell Sackett, removing the threat of crushing fines that the couple has lived under for more than a decade.


CAPR 2020 Legislative Session Wrap Up

March 16,  2020

My well-developed sense of cynicism aside, I am pleased the 2020 Legislative Session has ended with Sine Die proclaimed after 8:00 pm on March 12.  I have read of rumors there will be a possible emergency session at some undefined time.  That aside, I have not experienced a more disheartening session since we began our lobbying efforts in 2015.  A sense of corruption, weakness, and agenda building permeates our state capitol. 

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Speak Out on Landlord/Tenant Legislation!

Among CAPR Members there are private landlords, those who provide a variety of housing for rental.  Private landlords supply 97% of this country’s rental housing, yet they are among the most highly regulated private property owners adhering to law in land use regulation, and adhering to law in the heavily regulated rental and leasing market.  Landlords understand the need to protect tenants but also have a need to protect their investments in their properties all while continuing to provide affordable housing to many in Washington.

This legislative session the list of bills opposed by landlords are provided below with the rationale for opposition:  You can call 800 562 6000 and/or email your legislator to voice your opinion on legislation!


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