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Are You Ready For a Road Usage Charge

February 15, 2023,

Today, a newly filed bill, HB 1832, the Road Usage Charge has reared its inequitable head once again.  This darling of representative Jake Fey, D, chair of the transportation committee, has lingered for far too long in the minds of representatives such as Fey who refuses to see the way this method of taxation will impact citizens unequally.  Hardly noticed by those who find Electric Vehicles affordable, the taxation will fall the hardest on lower income and rural vehicle owners who are already paying for the infrastructure needed and being created for the plug in crowd.   

Grift, Subterfuge, and Lies, No faith in the legislature.

January 29, 2023

Updated April 10, 2023 (with new video from We the Governed)

By Cindy Alia

CAPR has been working the legislature for years trying to promote bills that would rein in legislative madness, promote legislative responsibility to oversee administrative law carried out by state agencies, and to prevent the passing of laws that harm life, liberty, and property of all citizens.  We're done with the idea that trust can be built and legislators will create laws that will be administrated as described, and will honestly be carried out as written. 

Value Life to Value Property Rights

January 25, 2023

By Cindy Alia

Constitutional Abortion, can we value liberty and not value life?

SR 8202, Amending the Constitution to address reproductive freedom is objected to and should not be passed.  It is the opposite of the objectives to our State Constitution which explicitly professes, protects, and expands upon our God Given natural rights.  The words of the constitution expand upon positive rights and provides the citizens of this state with protection of those rights, they do not explicitly condone the taking of innocent lives.  To enter into our constitution a guarantee of the taking of innocent lives is wrong and is in itself unconstitutional. 

Spokane Advancing Tenant’s Rights Ordinance

“Is Big Brother Here in the City of Spokane?”

October 27, 2022

By Steve Corker, VP Landlord Association

            In 1949, an English author George Orwell published a novel warning against totalitarianism.  In the novel the all-seeing leader known as “Big Brother,” becomes a universal symbol for intrusive government and oppressive bureaucracy.

Board of Health to Hear Testimony on Changing the Keeping of Animals Rule


By Cindy Alia, June 6, 2022
Updated June 13, 2022

CAPR Opposes the Board of Health's new rule language in the Keeping of Animals Rule.

The hearing was held on Wednesday, June 8, at 1:30, 12 people registered to comment and were each limited to 2 minutes of comment.  Those who could not wrap up their comments in that time frame were simply cut off and silenced mid sentence.  The board seemed almost automatonic in both the presentation of the rule and the response to comments, and in the end were unmoved by for the most part, negative response to the rule by commentors. 

The board disregarded suggested improvement and moved to procede through the rule making process to update the rule.

CAPR Legislative Update 2/23/22, 3 Bills Weaponize the GMA!


We still have to fight 3 bills we fought and won the fight last session, let's make sure legislators hear our objections again!  These bills weaponize the Growth Management Act!


Comment links provided, you can also call the legislative hotline!

800 562 6000



Improving the state's climate response through updates to the state's comprehensive planning framework.


Comment on this bill!

CAPR Bills of Special Concern 1/31/22 through 2/4/22 legislative week

CAPR is working on opposing these bills this legislative week.  Links provided to the bills to show their status, text, and link to comments.  Please do not think if you missed a hearing date or time that you cannot fight a bill, it is never too late to fight.  You can always call or email any legislature, including your own or bill sponsors, with your opinion, opposition, or support of a bill.  Every voice helps inform our legislators!

1099 Improving the state's climate response through updates to the state's comprehensive planning framework.


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