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CAPR is in the midst of the most important legal battle of its history!

An Update on the Mills Case! Most of the contributions to CAPR are to the Legal fund.  This tells us that most people think the way to protect our property is through legal battles. If you are among those who believe we need to fight the property rights battle through the court, then now is the time to step up to the plate! For decades, the environmental movement has been funding their lobbying and land use control agenda through a method of suing the government.

Are Property Owners Being Put at Risk with Prescribed Burns?

On Sept. 11, the surrounding communities of Cle Elum, Ellensburg, Leavenworth and Wenatchee were basking in temperatures between 91 and 97 degrees with a forecast of more of the same. These communities, having witnessed the devastation of 97,000 acres going up in smoke last September have all been anxiously hoping to get through this September without a repeat of last years fires.  An all out burn ban had been in place, and private property owners were holding their collective breath until the rains of September could lessen the wildfire danger. A column of smoke rising from the hills under these weather conditions was the last thing anyone in these communities wanted to see.  The lack of concern over what the people of these communities might have thought when they saw that column of smoke rising shows a decided absence of any degree of common sense.

Small Town in Texas Swats Small Farm!

Is there a problem with the power wielded by government of any size?  The city code enforcement goes over the top with a swat raid on a small farm in order to force code compliance.  What if the law enforcement in this small town took the view that a swat raid was not a response that fit the crime?  Should the citizens of towns everywhere be pushing for law to limit the use of swat teams?  This would certainly need to be a libertarian based action, as you could see that not all people choose to live the same lifestyle, but the lifestyle should be tolerated if not harmful to others.  Who making law would like to have their property rights invaded in this way?

Pacific Legal Foundation Files Suit in Plan Bay Area

Mimi Steel of CAPR San Francisco Bay Area  explains the problems with Plan Bay Area in an article for Exurbia Chronicles:Thank you Mary Baker of  CAPR SanDiego/Orange! PLF files suit over Plan Bay Area: Opinion in the National Review regarding PLF's Suit and the trouble we can all expect with Stack and Pack!

Will the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area Become a Reality?

No MSG, Smart Resistance Why it is wise to reject a National Heritage Area by Cindy Alia

This article was written in the past, however, the issues addressed still apply today, in fact more so as we have witnessed little change in the tactics and financial woes of the NPS.

“What is a National Heritage Area?” Good question indeed and one that is commonly asked in almost all documents I have read in the feasibility study phase of creating such an area. The Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area is one where this question is addressed. It is difficult and time consuming to go online and find a document that addresses the heritage area planned by this benevolent NGO.

Property Rights Are Not Secure in Washington State

Property Rights Are Not Secure in Washington By Preston Drew, President, Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights   In 2008 the Washington State Court of Appeals threw out the most controversial section of the 2004 King County Critical Areas Ordinance, which was a provision that called for the set aside of as much as 65% of a rural landowner’s property when applying for a land use permit. The Supreme Court then refused to hear King County’s appeal, thus rendering the Appeals Court decision settled law. Yet the King County administration refuses to change the code to reflect the Appeals Court decision. When queried recently the reply was “Oh, we just don’t enforce that clause”. Why? Aren’t county officials obligated to have the code reflect the law?

Water Rights Battle, Ventura, CA

There is a proposal for the Casitas Municipal Water District to use eminent domain to take over the Golden State franchise in the Ojai Valley. Casitas has not even released results of a study of the issue. But those concerned about under-estimated costs and the feasibility of a takeover are considering action in opposition to the takeover. The California Alliance to Protect Private Property Rights, California's leading watchdog and advocate against eminent domain abuse has made a decision to oppose the take-over.


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